Collaboration in a Digital Age

Coordinating and collaborating will continuously be a struggle in our modern society simply for the fact that getting two or more people in a room together is practically impossible. However, through the internet certain tools are made available that can help facilitate community and collaboration projects. These collaboration tools make group projects and sharing ideas easy and intuitive while giving opportunities for creativity.

Prezi is one of these tools. Prezi is an interesting and non-traditional way to present ideas and create narratives. I have used Prezi for a long time as one of my junior high teachers was an early adopter and I can not endorse this tool enough. It is a cloud-based program so your work can be accessed from any computer. Another perk of using Prezi is if you share authority you can have multiple people adding ideas and creating a presentation together without ever having to be in the same room. One of the reasons this tool is so unique is that it allows you to jump from idea to idea in a non-linear way while still looking and feeling polished and professional.

Working in a library often involves both group work and presenting different ideas. Whether it’s for teaching a class or presenting to fellow librarians or boards it is important to express ideas in ways that will keep the audience engaged and excited. There may have to be times when coworkers are unavailable to get together in person and work on something, so finding a way to do it online that is easy and conducive to busy schedules can be hard. Collaborative tools like Prezi are excellent ways to constantly be improving the communication and work efficiency in libraries.


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